Brooke Hessler


Brooke Hessler, Ph.D. is Director of Learning Resources at California College of the Arts (CCA), where she teaches multimodal writing and manages the virtual hybrid Learning Resource Center (LRC): a team of faculty and student peer educators offering consultations and workshops to support accessible, inclusive, and critically reflective learning in and out of the classroom.

She began experimenting with educational technology and Universal Design for Learning in the 1990s as a technical communicator at American Airlines. While in graduate school, she became an early adopter of online learning platforms (back when Blackboard was free to teachers and customizing the interface involved choosing buttons in Grape or Banana) and began moonlighting as a program development consultant, adjunct faculty member, and beta tester for online writing instruction and certificate programs at universities in Texas, Florida, and California.

Brooke’s affiliation with EDUCAUSE began c. 2001 with an invitation to join a TLT Group roundtable, where Ed Ayers’ presentation on collaborative digital history (The Valley of the Shadow project) inspired a career-changing commitment to community-engaged multimedia partnerships. As Eleanor Lou Carrithers Chair of Writing at Oklahoma City University she co-founded the Virtual Archives Project at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Center and Museum, a 14-year collaboration deputizing college students as digital curators and interpreters. As a faculty mentor and media artist with the Berkeley-based Center for Digital Storytelling / StoryCenter, Brooke has co-facilitated digital storytelling workshops on four continents and trained hundreds of students and educators in the uses of digital narratives for community-engaged learning and intercultural dialogue. Returning to Northern California in 2016, Brooke has been delighted to connect this work to the creative vision and social activism of CCA’s citizen artists.

Brooke serves on the Executive Board of the Online Writing Center Association, researching and co-facilitating accessible and inclusive resources and pedagogies for online teaching and learning.