Bruno Poellhuber


I am a professor in the Faculty of Education at Université de Montréal as well as the Academic Director of the CPU (Centre de pédagogie universitaire – the teaching and learning Center of the University of Montreal). The Center is dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning mission of the University in a large variety of ways: faculty pedagogical and technopedagogical training and coaching, MOOCs, distance and hybrid courses development, students’ course ratings. It operates Studium (a Moodle platform), EDUlib (a MOOC platform based on Open EdX), ans is engaged in many technological developments. My own research and teaching specialization focuses on the uses of technologies for collaboration, teaching or learning in postsecondary education (college and university) in face-to-face teaching, distance learning and hybrid training. More precisely, my research pertains to teachers' pedagogical and numeric competencies, the factors impacting students’ motivation, engagement and success both in distance courses and in FtoF settings, the pedagogical integration of ICT, the uses of social software to support collaboration, active pedagogies and ICT, the factors that should guide the design of new learning spaces such as active learning classrooms and future learning exploratory spaces. I direct an important research program in MOOCs, as well as a large research-action research on flipped classrooms. I am engaging in a research project on the educational affordances of immersive reality.