Bryan Bell


Bryan is a solutions driven data scientists and entrepreneur with a passion for data storytelling.

Bryan’s experience building custom analytic data architectures to support predictive modeling efforts, experience communicating results to decision makers and efforts to productize actionable predictive analytic solutions has led to his current relationship with Aviso Retention as managing partner and chief data scientist. Along with his management responsibilities Bryan is responsible for the Aviso Predict product, a collection of risk models created using data science methods to describe risk at Institutions of Higher Education.

Bryan started his career at Maple Leaf Farms as an intern in 2000 where he learned early on the value of creating workable solutions and interpretations of data applicable to the decision makers that he was to support. While at Maple Leaf, he worked with leading agricultural scientists to consult on experimental design, analysis and provided corporate-wide training on Statistical Process Control (SPC), in addition to his primary responsibility of providing statistical support across all departments. Then as a member of Columbia House in 2004, Mr. Bell began to apply his background in statistics to behavioral marketing and was introduced to the world of enrollment management soon thereafter becoming a Senior Analytics Consultant for Teresa Farnum & Associates in 2007. Bryan’s passion for applying database marketing and predictive analytic techniques to consumer behaviors, coupled with a desire to help institutions provide better recruiting and student support experiences, led him to launch a new higher education analytics company in 2008 — Target Enrollment Group. There he provided service to over thirty higher education customers before joining Aviso Retention full time in 2017.

Bryan earned a Master of Science in Statistics from Miami University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Franklin College in 2002 where he was also a three year starter on the varsity football team.  Bryan regularly volunteers in his community and within the higher education community. Throughout his career he has served on various committees and advisory boards that include the Bill & Melinda Gates Scholarship Advisory Committee (2016), the CSU Global Data Analytics Graduate Curriculum Advisory Committee (2017) and more recently as a member of the Educause Student Success in Analytics Constituent Group Steering Committee (2018).

Bryan resides in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and three children.