Bryan Sinclair


With its innovative spaces, dynamic services, and 10,000 daily visitors, the main University Library at Georgia State University's downtown Atlanta campus is a major campus resource and key partner in student success, learning, and research at all levels. At the University Library, I provide leadership for 35-40 employees in multiple innovative service areas, including campus outreach and instruction, research services (including growing areas of research data support and data literacy instruction), and student technology support. As a member of the library’s senior management team, I provide leadership in planning, implementing, and evaluating operations and services overall. Notable accomplishments include serving as co-director of the grant-funded Public Interest Data Literacy initiative and serving as project lead on CURVE (Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment), a unique, technology-rich discovery space within the University Library supporting data services, digital scholarship, and visual research.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Video Walls
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports
    • Contributor

    A video wall is a large-scale ultra-resolution digital display that joins multiple display screens with minimal bezels to create what is essentially one large screen. Video walls help create a dynamic, interactive, hands-on educational environment that enhances research, encourages active learning, and bolsters collaboration between faculty and students. Some users see video walls as an essential component in the development in higher education of applications based on virtual reality and mixed reality.

  • The Promise of Virtual Reality in Higher Education
    • Article
    • Author

    Virtual reality teeters on the edge of becoming mainstream, with software development outstripping the hardware and memory storage needed. In this article, a librarian and an art historian discuss the many ways that VR may transform learning and student experiences.

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