Calvin Weeks


Calvin Weeks is President of Calvin Weeks & Associates, L.L.C., an Oklahoma-based corporation providing technology litigation support and electronic forensics for a wide range of clients including members of the private sector and attorneys. Mr. Weeks has worked in the computer and communication technology industries for over twenty years. His focus over the past fourteen years has been in computer, network and electronic security. Calvin is a certified Police Officer has been involved with law enforcement, criminal investigations and security for over sixteen years. Mr. Weeks currently holds a reserve commission with his local county Sheriff’s Office and has held Top Secret positions in the Federal Government. Calvin is the past Vice-President of the local chapter of the High Technology Computer Investigators Association. He is also past co-chair of the EDUCAUSE Security Task Force Education & Awareness Working Group. He currently serves on the Digital Forensics Certification Board to establish minimum certification and training standards for Computer Forensics Professionals. Calvin is an adjunct professor for Oklahoma State University, Rose State College, and instructor/curriculum developer for the University of Arkansas, Criminal Justice Institute certified by the Department of Homeland Security. Over the years, Mr. Weeks has served as an advisor, trainer and consultant to a number of universities, private corporations, federal and state governments. He has been trained by government agencies in securing and protecting computers, networks and data. Calvin specializes in computer and cyber forensics, incident response, and securing technology such as intranets, extranets, portals, servers, PCs, networks, applications, and databases at the physical and electronic level. He regularly travels throughout the United States speaking and presenting on topics including digital forensics, IT security and incident response. Calvin holds several certifications including; Certified Information System Manager (CISM), Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), EnCase Computer Forensics Examiner (EnCE), and Certified Steganography Examiner (CSE). To contact Mr. Weeks of Calvin Weeks & Associates, please email [email protected].

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