Carmelo Martinez


I participate in the world of digital marketing with my company, I am an entrepreneur and that involves many things. The world of marketing is one of my passions and my way of life, it is something that I love. I combine the management of, a marketing and digital transformation agency, which does things differently, together with my partner and friend, as well as having a fantastic team. This is just one of the things that amuses me most, satisfies and performs with passion.

Currently, I combine my activity in, with other own online projects, related to passive monetization, affiliation, dropshipping and online sales.

I also try to do my bit in the entrepreneurial community by acting as a mentor to entrepreneurs for new business projects. My most recent project, which started in November 2017, was the launch of a natural cosmetics firm to the market, where, together with my partner and partner in this business challenge, I have carried out the work of designing the corporate image, product design and of course the online sale of natural organic cosmetics products.

About me

I love what I do, what I am. I work in the facilities of EOI Elche, a Coworking space, surrounded by human beings with impressive ideas that want to excite the world around them with wonderful stories and projects ...

I like rock and indy National music, playing padel when my work and my family allow me, self-taught by nature, restless intellectual, entrepreneur with a high level of demand and perfection in everything I participate. I consider myself a guerrilla entrepreneur and consumer of content, passionate about my work in Alianzapps as well as my own projects where I am perfecting and merging techniques of digital marketing professionals to get more traffic and sales. Interested in everything related to Digital Marketing, SEO / SEM, Social Media and new Web and App development technologies, etc. Connoisseur of Black Hat SEO but passionate about White SEO to the limit.

"To value the sky you have to be a little season in hell"

In this blog we will talk about the entrepreneurial world, the digital transformation of companies, digital marketing, online store development and web design, SEO positioning in search engines, social networks and digital advertising SEM / ADS And ultimately strategies to take your project to the top. I offer digital marketing services for companies and entrepreneurs I develop web pages and online stores, consulting and mentoring where I took you and guide you personally so you do not waste time or money, I will be with you during the process of the start-up of your project and I will train you so that later you can continue advancing or you can delegate this work to another person or agency in order to really achieve the goals that you have set.
My job is to generate qualified traffic and get more customers for your business, that's my goal. A road full of obstacles ... I am certain that many scars of that path will be a reflection of the condition in which you find yourself at this moment, and that is why I will be happy to help you, because we have more in common than you think.
Thank you for visiting my personal blog in the Online Marketing and Digital Transformation agency to be able to participate in your company or project in some way. If you like and help this personal blog of everything related to marketing, I encourage you to leave a positive review on social networks or share it with your loved ones, and so you help me move forward and give more visibility to reach more companies or entrepreneurs like you, who want to change the world like me.

If you want to create an online business or you already have one and you do not get the results you expect and you need that business to work and generate income 24 hours you are in the online marketing and digital transformation blog, you are also, if what you need is to dedicate 100% to your company and do not have time to manage the visibility and growth of your online business.

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