Caroline Copestake


Caroline is a Senior e-Learning Designer in the Office of Learning Technologies, at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Her main task is to promote the use of educational technologies by closely collaborating with faculty, administrative, the institution and students. This involves acting as a liaison with professors and other teaching staff promoting learning effectiveness. Caroline is an expert communicator and an enthusiast of the strategy and analysis involved in applying and promoting emerging educational technologies. This implies a constant research for innovative e-learning solutions as well as a close knowledge of both faculty and students to suggest the best tool for each situation and learning objective. She has a proven experience in on-line training in different sectors and a wide range of student profiles. Her main professional interest is in using the power of communication to promote an adequate usage of ICT with by taking into account the users' needs and the context characteristics. Caroline graduated in Psicology from UB in Barcelona, Spain. Has done courses and assited seminars in Spain and in the US related to her degree and currently is half way towards a Masters degree in Carl Rogers' Psicotherpy .

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