Casey Kendall


Casey is an accomplished IT leader whose diverse career spans from distinguished service in United States Naval Intelligence to influential roles within higher education. Her nine-year tenure in the military endowed her with a robust skill set in leadership, strategic planning, and resilience, managing projects that ranged from expansive telecommunications operations to targeted special initiatives. This foundation of high-stakes problem-solving and leadership under pressure set the stage for her impactful transition into higher education.

Seeking to apply her profound skills for societal benefit, Casey ventured into the academic sector, where her strategic contributions have significantly shaped the technology landscape. At Ithaca College, she was instrumental in the Imagining Ithaca (now Ithaca Forever) strategic initiative, offering deep organizational insights and steering cultural transformation. Her leadership in various capacities, including as a co-chair of a working group and a staff trustee, underscores her commitment to the college's growth and her deep understanding of its culture.

Elevated to the role of Deputy Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President, Casey now oversees a crucial portfolio that includes Network and Unified Communications, Systems Architecture, Web Development, Analytics, and Project Management. This position underscores her critical role in ensuring the college's technological infrastructure is not only robust and secure but also innovative and forward-looking. Her involvement in committees for NERCOMP and Educause’s Enterprise IT committee highlights her proactive approach to staying abreast of industry trends and challenges, ensuring that Ithaca College remains at the forefront of technological advancement in higher education.

Drawing from her military and educational experiences, Casey brings a comprehensive perspective to IT management, prioritizing strategic alignment, resilience, and stakeholder engagement. She is a staunch advocate for integrating strategic vision with organizational culture to achieve the college's mission and objectives. Believing in the transformative power of creative leadership and diverse viewpoints, Casey is dedicated to navigating Ithaca College through this pivotal era of technological evolution and academic excellence.

As Deputy CIO and Associate Vice President, Casey's leadership is instrumental in shaping a future-ready IT infrastructure that supports the college's strategic goals, fostering an environment that encourages innovation, efficiency, and collaboration across all levels of the institution.

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