Catherine Finnegan


Dr. Catherine Finnegan is the Director for Assessment and Public Information with the Office of Information and Instructional Technology (OIIT) of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG). Among other responsibilities, OIIT leads the 35 USG institutions in the strategic uses of technology as an integral part of the academic enterprise by providing production support and strategic planning for the System-deployed learning management system, fostering the development and implementation of quality e-learning opportunities using collaborative approaches, and conducting research and evaluations to influence policy making, instructional practice and technology development. Dr. Finnegan has responsibility for collecting, evaluating and disseminating data on the impact and effectiveness of information and instructional technology in the USG. She partners with researchers and graduate students in studies which investigate the effectiveness of the integration of technology in instruction, and coordination and development of accountability reporting structures. She coordinates online project and program evaluations and assessments for collaboratively developed online programs. She also disseminates information on these initiatives through the USG websites: http// Prior to joining the University System Office, Dr. Finnegan served as the Director of Institutional Research and Planning at North Georgia College & State University, where she taught First-year experience courses. She has served as a Research Associate at the Institute of Higher Education and as a Scholarship Counselor for Student Financial Aid at the University of Georgia. Dr. Finnegan earned her doctoral degree in higher education administration from the University of Georgia.

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    Based on principles relating to the impact of technology on building design and construction, this research bulletin describes how the University System of Georgia developed and implemented statewide facilities-planning guidelines and policies that require information technology professionals to provide guidance and expertise to architects and facilities administrators to ensure an effective combination of technology and facilities, or "clic ...

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