Cathy Reas


Page One Marketing and Research, 2010-present Reas launched an Internet technology firm intended to help medium and small businesses with website technology with the goal of having their business websites appear on the first page of Internet searches using Google, Yahoo, and Bing primarily. Reas works to improve organic and pay-per-click listings, sets up email campaigns, provides business research services (including specialized professional recruitment), and more. In addition to contracts for the above services, Reas seeks to consult for academic units and their associations in Benchmarking and fiscal analysis. Vanderbilt, Office of the Dean of Students 2002-2009 Director, Decision Support & Technology Innovation Cathy Reas directed decision support systems for the Vanderbilt Office of the Dean of Students. Reas provided oversight and guidance on behalf of the Vanderbilt Housing office for all its technological network and infrastructure for voice, cable TV, and data communications (both wired and wireless) in the residence halls. She supervised systems management for several housing systems as they were interwoven with student academic records system and student financial accounts system sharing information daily. Her group supported systems for Student Conduct and Greek Life, as well as groups that frequently partner with the Dean of Students division (Dining services, Admissions, and the Card Office). Reas' office created and supported an array of web applications through which students authenticated to apply for Housing and make other requests. Reas was responsible for about $3M in annual operations and several projects funded from reserves. Vanderbilt Medical Center, 1996-2002 Reas initially was the business officer for the School of Nursing overseeing internally managed servers, network, and desktop support in addition to other business officer responsibilities for finance, facilities management, and human resources management. She served as Chief of Staff for the School. In 2000 she was promoted to an Assistant Director role with the Medical Center Finance Department with added finance and budget responsibilities, and continuing to oversee all technology elements. Fpr 7 years, Reas served as a consultant to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing for its early work Benchmarking critical indicators among the 400 U.S. nursing schools that offered bachelors degrees in Nursing. University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH), 1989-1996 Reas served as Special Projects Officer for the Vice President of Finance and Administration and represented the university to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education one year for its annual budget and program proposals, supported by several administrative units of the university. Reas presented on the Alabama Higher Education Funding Formula to several groups at UAH. She served on a statewide Benchmarking committee established to identify peer institutions for each of the higher education institutions in Alabama. For each university, a group of peer institutions was identified, as well as a group of institutions that served to help leaders inspirationally benchmark each university's future planned growth. Reas earned a BA in Business from The University of Maryland, and a MS in Systems Management from University of Southern California. She completed e-Commerce coursework for a doctorate in Business Administration; E-Commerce with Northcentral University 2006-2009.