Centered Health Mickson


The most successful approach to addiction prevention is involvement in solving the problems of all factors: families, schools and the community as a whole. Only the joint implementation of all actions can result in the creation of a drug-free environment: addiction can only be overcome if you recognize it, and fight it.
At Centered Health Malibu CA treatment facility say that it is easier to say "NO" to problematic situations at the beginning than to fight life-long with addiction problems.

On the occasion of marking the International Day of Combating Abuse and Drugs Smuggling organized by the Social Work Center in Malibu, a round table was organized, with Centered Health Malibu staff taking active participation in the field of: Modern Family Facing Addiction Problems. Speakers from Centered Health emphasized, among other things, that "Every family, including the family of addicts or families with members of risky behavior has its own history, it is, along with the legislative institution and the creator of social systems, the guardian of the culture of one society. It is the basic space of communication that creates a certain dynamics of emotions and relationships as well as their symbolic value.
The family, in spite of all its dreams and fears, is a place without which a person is in danger of falling apart, losing itself - closed to its needs, problems, lances of civilization, and the determinants of the time in which he lives. "

Centered Health employees visited the Malibu Social Work Center and presented their work as well as the possibility of mutual cooperation. In the organization of the center in the evening hours, a public forum was held on the topic: Reliability - Problem Of A Person, Family and/or The Societies From The Perspective Of The Different Experience Of The Centered Health With Patients And Their Families, which brought together a good number of citizens of Malibu from different age groups with the educators.