Charles Wesley


I am a mission driven higher education IT professional. Universities live in an era of transformation as new technology emerges and institutions adapt to new funding models. Adapting to this new environment is difficult, but it also creates opportunities for IT workers to redefine how they work. This dynamic environment creates challenges at all levels. IT professionals need to learn new skills to take advantage of cloud services in Azure and AWS. IT leaders need to learn how to transform their teams from being infrastructure service providers to being knowledge and intelligence providers. Institutions need to learn how to work with their IT resources to identify key business objectives, redefine business processes, and collaborate to bring cross functional teams together on projects powered by technology but driven by institutional objectives. My professional objective is to help navigate my organization through these disruptive times. It is a challenge, and the hard work and problem solving it requires is very rewarding. I am passionate about the work at hand, as this period of change is unprecedented and the lasting positive effects will shape the institution for many years to come.