Charmane Corcoran


Charmane Corcoran is an information and accessibility specialist focused on organizational communication as it affects IT policy development and implementation at Michigan State University. She is author of several Web accessibility articles, including introducing the concept that Web accessibility coding is like "curb cuts on the Internet" (ACPA and Student Online Journals). Her other contributions include development of the Infusion approach to Web policy implementation. She is a former member of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, Education and Outreach Working Group. As such, she also was a founding member of the Task Force assigned to the W3C Web Accessibility Web Site Redesign (release summer 2005). Projects she managed at MSU included executive Web sites for the President, Board of Trustees, Sesquicentennial, Governmental Affairs, and Academic Governance. Charmane holds degrees in Educational Administration (MA), Communication (BA), and Business Administration (AA).