Charron Andrus


IT Executive| Board Member| Author| #ThinkBigDiversity Advocate

Charron Andrus is a technologist who brings over 20 years of extensive IT and cybersecurity experience, spanning private and public entities, academic medical centers, and administrative, clinical and enterprise applications. Charron has over a decade in the University of California system serving at both the Berkeley and Davis Health campuses. Charron is well-versed in evaluating business needs and priorities, establishing effective governance, applying technologies to minimize organizational security risk, all while building relationships across disciplines. Charron holds an M.A. in Gerontology from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Organizational Leadership from Biola University. Charron’s focus is on advocating for a diverse, inclusive, and equitable faculty, staff, and student body; and her passion centers around creating meaningful relationships within Higher Education and the broader community.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing, having published a book of poems: Words That Occur in the Absence of Love and a Planner, Journal and Goal Tracker: Simplicity & Joy Planner.


I am what I call a #thinkbigdiversity advocate. I call myself this because I believe that diversity is so big it should color every aspect of our lives, both professional and private. I have chosen to focus on countering the systemic exclusionary practices that have kept Black women and other marginalized individuals on the outskirts of technology by advocating for change, spotlighting inequities, and driving conversations focused on identifying actionable solutions.

I co-founded the Black Leadership Alliance Council (BLAC@UC) to serve Black staff, faculty, and students across the University of California system, serve as co-Chair of University of California's Womxn in Technology, participated as a subject matter expert on the UC Campus Safety Symposium, facilitated dialogue around needed changes with the Regents as an officer of the UC Staff Assembly, and created Information Technology targeted DEIBJA programming and training while at UC Davis Health.

I am very intentional in showing up and making sure that people see me and my accomplishments and struggles as a Black woman technology leader because I am a firm believer that seeing the thing you are striving to become can be a deciding factor in whether you believe you can accomplish it.

I am committed to this work because I desire to serve and create a world where people have opportunities to show up, thrive, and succeed while achieving organizational success.

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