Chas Grundy


Chas Grundy is a storyteller with a background in technology and marketing. He currently leads Service Management at the University of Notre Dame, leading the transformation to a service-oriented IT organization. His team is responsible for service strategy and governance, as well as ITSM practices and processes. Most recently, he promoted the practice of product management in higher education. Prior to joining IT, Chas worked as director of interactive marketing and digital strategist at the university where his work was recognized by the Webby Awards, CASE, and eduStyle. He is also the founder of Hedgehog Interactive, which designs games for professional development and training.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Retire Service Offerings Before They Retire You
    • Article

    Eliminating an outdated service offering is hard, but necessary. The process requires tact and sensitivity, as many users and your own IT staff will have grown attached. A service offering retirement expert shares advice on how to survive this process and thrive.

  • A Jedi Story: Gamification at Work
    • Article

    Moving faculty and staff to Gmail and Google Calendar required quickly training IT professionals across campus to support the new systems — which were not a priority among their other pressing concerns.

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