Cher Wildenborg


Cher has been at Portland State University (PSU) since 2009 beginning with her position as Senior Budget Analyst in the university’s Budget Office and followed by her role as the Fiscal Officer in the Office of Information Technology. Since 2015, Cher has served as Chief Fiscal Officer for the College of the Arts.  

Cher holds a bachelor’s of science degree in Accounting from Central Washington University and has over 25 years of experience in managerial and operations accounting with experience in overseeing software conversions, the development of policies and procedures, team building, project management, and operations management. She has long-pursued technology-centric opportunities including while working in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Working closely with electronic systems infrastructure early in her career led to a true passion for the power and possibilities inherent in the formal discipline of Business Intelligence (BI). She has since become one of BI’s biggest proponents because of its utility in helping organizations to use data to tell an effective story and to drive informed decision-making that results in efficient operations and maximizes the return on organizational resources.

Her work as a finance subject matter expert on the PSU’s Business Intelligence Teams has led to improvements in the university’s fiscal operations and decision-making processes and helps the College of the Arts make decisions that support its growth and long-term success.

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