Cheryl Elzy


Cheryl Elzy came to Illinois State University in the fall of 1981. Upon joining Milner Library’s faculty, she held a number of increasingly responsible positions including head of the Education/Psychology/ Teaching materials Center Division, Associate University Librarian for Personnel, and Associate Dean of University Libraries. Elzy was named Interim Dean of University Libraries in 1996, and Dean in 1998. She is active in the American Library Association, the Library Administration and Management Association, the Illinois Library Association, the Council of Directors of State University Libraries in Illinois, and has served as project director for the Cooperative Collection Management Program. Elzy earned her advanced degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Elzy has published in the fields of reference services evaluation, evaluation of collections, end-user studies of reference databases, and in children’s literature research.

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