Chip Shaw


Chip Shaw, EdD is the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Shaw earned his Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 1994 and completed his Doctoral Degree in Instructional Technology from Texas Tech University in 2002. Dr. Shaw’s background in biomedical sciences, instructional technology, project management and his organizational and interpersonal skills provide a broad foundation to support the mission and vision of the institution. He has served as the information technology authority on several internal and external committees with his unique skill for bringing administration, faculty, staff and students with varying perspectives together to find common ground and reach productive outcomes. Strategic planning, organizational management, and continuous quality improvement of resources and services are an important part in his professional interests. Oversight of Information Services for the last eight years and service to Texas Tech for 20 years has provided him with opportunities to expand these interests and utilize his talents through his involvement in Institutional development and strategic planning. His leadership abilities have assisted in improving the information services and technology resources necessary to support the academic, research, and clinical operations of the Institution. He continues to provide a direction for a broad array of complex information services for our multi-campus university, while also maintaining a small range of teaching responsibilities in the Schools of Medicine. Dr. Shaw’s goals are real world-oriented, with the end result always focusing on the quality of service provided to our constituents and staff.

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