Christian Blanchette


Dr. Christian Blanchette, Professor in Information and Communication Educational Technologies, Faculty of Education & Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies and International Affairs, Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada. In 2008, I have joined both the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies as Associate Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies and International Affairs and the Faculty of Education as Professor in Information and Communication Educational Technologies. As Associate Dean, I oversee the creation and management of interdisciplinary graduate programs and initiatives. Further, I am responsible for the development of a renewed strategy for International Affairs for th Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies. As a professor in Education, I focus my attention on the impacts of learning technologies on teaching and learning practices, organizations and development, with a special interest in distance learning. For close to 10 years, as the founding Director of the Teaching and Learning Support Service at the University of Ottawa, I led pan university initiatives and strategies devoted to quality and innovation in University teaching. With the mandate to develop university strategies and programs to enrich the learning experience, my team led numerous initiatives in professional development for faculty members, in creation of learning material (both in paper-based and digital) and support the evolution of learning infrastructures on-campus, off-campus and for distributed-learning. From 1993 on, I have been involved in University teaching, in the enrichment of teaching and learning with technology, in learnware development and in research around the pedagogy and use of e-learning, as well as the development and support of distance education. At York University, as Director of Learn Ontario and at the University of Ottawa, I presided and participated in the creation of numerous consortia devoted to learnware design and research on e-learning, among others: Hypertext and Hypermedia, Instructional Design for the New Media,, In-Genius - Succeeding in University with Learning Disability, On-line Training in the Workplace for Health Professionals, Teletriage : a program in telenursing practice, Evaluating WebCT and its potential for enhancing student learning in classroom-based undergraduate education and Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning in Synergy. I also participates in the creation of the online course: «Digital Architecture: Imaginative Pedagogy for Educators», while being one of the principal investigators of the national resource on University pedagogy, and the leader of the project UCCELA (University Collaborative Communities for e-Learning Adoption). I am one of the co-founders and executive director of the Institute for the Advancement of Teaching in Higher Education. I am currently one of the principals in the African Virtual University Capacity Enhancement Program for Open, Distance and e-Learning, providing training and advices to 24 universities in 19 African countries.