Chris Lupton


Christine Lupton is the manager of the Faculty Engagement Communities Program in the Department of Academic Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and past manager of the Engage program. The Faculty Engagement program provides a community-of-practice approach to groups interested in developing collaborative professional problem-solving processes related to teaching and learning within Departments, Schools, Colleges, Divisions or across the institution. Past projects have included award programs focused on podcasting, streaming media, group collaboration tools, and teaching with digital media-based assignments to help solve teaching and learning challenges identified by the Engage Faculty Advisory Group and campus. A recent multi-year Innovation Award project was Engaging Data Visualization for Teaching & Learning, which involved campus faculty and instructors in a learning community with collaborative design & development teams including project managers, instructional designers, graphic artists, developers and an evaluator to solve difficult teaching and learning challenges. Another recently completed Innovation Award program was Engaging to Learn: Simulations & Games. The first year’s lessons learned in this program were presented at Midwest Educause in a workshop featuring the collaborative card game, GameQuest. Chris holds master's degrees in Recreation Administration (from Western Illinois University, 1987) and Adult Education (from UW-Madison, 2001). Her research interests are experiential learning and adult learning. She also teaches a capstone course, "Managing Change", to returning adult students in an accelerated Business degree program at Concordia University, and “Integrated Liberal Studies” to freshmen interest groups in a residential community-based course at UW-Madison to keep her hand in teaching and learning.

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