Chris England


England began his IT career as a hardware technician and customer specialist at a local shop in Bloomington, IN before Indiana University stole him away to become the system administrator for the The College of Arts and Science at IU-Bloomington. England supported 70 departments and 1,000 users within The College for six years. At that point, England joined UITS' (University Information Technology Services) as a Messaging Engineer. Shortly after he was promoted to the unit within UITS dedicated to providing expert support to local support providers on the Bloomington campus. England spent 3.5 years collaborating and supporting local IT shops for UITS so he has a broad and deep understanding of their unique needs and circumstances. In 2010, England became a UITS-based, embedded IT Director at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). England's leadership has enabled SPEA's award winning Master's program that is ranked 2nd nationally to innovate with technology in order to serve the academic and research missions through innovation. His awareness of UITS-based services that can be leveraged to reduce duplication has enabled SPEA's local IT resources and staff to focus on the core mission of the school predominantly. England is a frequent local presenter at IU. Here are a few of his more recent presentations: * SPEA Masters Program New Student Orientation - IT presentation (100+ new masters students), 2012 and on * Statewide IT Conference - Increase your Leadership Savvy (wide IT audience), September 2012 * Statewide IT Conference - Managing from the Inside Out (wide IT audience), September 2012 * EDUCAUSE Enterprise IT Leadership Conference - Leading and Partnering from the Inside Out, April 2013 * Indiana University IT Leaders Bootcamp - Planning chair, em cee, and presenter, 2013 through 2015 * Statewide IT Conference - IU Second Life Campus: Virtual pedagogy, October 2013 * Statewide IT Conference - Going forward: Building a future of leadership, October 2013 * MOR Associates Annual Conference - Local Host & Em Cee for virtual conference (800+ attendees nationwide, 80+ local), June 2014 * Statewide IT Conference - Transforming an IT Department, October 2014 IU Professional page: IT Leadership Community (co-founder and publicist): Faculty page:

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