Chris Teplovs


Chris brings more than 20 years of experience leading the design and development of digital educational applications to his role as Lead Developer in the Digital Innovation Greenhouse. He is an expert in taking research-based educational ideas and, by applying best practices from business development processes, scaling them to global solutions. His understanding of the worlds of technology, academia, business, start-ups and government allows him to be as comfortable checking in code on github as he is delivering a pitch deck to support funding proposals. Chris is particularly interested in learning analytics, data visualization, and innovation. He has extensive background in automated text analysis, machine learning, statistics and Big Data. Prior to joining the University of Michigan in May, 2015, Chris completed his Ph.D. in Computer Applications in Education at the University of Toronto. He pursued a post-doctoral fellowship at the Copenhagen Business School where he worked on a project funded by the European Union that sought to provide innovative computational and methodological support to teachers and students. He returned to North America to pursue several entrepreneurial opportunities, which resulted in the creation of several spin-off companies.

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