Clair Waterbury


Clair Waterbury is the Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology within Academic Technologies - ITS at Northeastern University. As the assistant director, Clair leads the support, documentation, training, and communication around teaching and learning services. Clair and her team assist faculty, students, and staff in using current technologies while discovering new ways to innovate the teaching and learning environment.  

Clair has her Masters in Instructional Technology, with a background in Elementary Education. Before Northeastern, she was an Instructional Technologist at UMA and Framingham State University. Clair’s passion for education stemmed from teaching in K-12 and being involved with a digital storytelling program for young movie enthusiasts. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching professional development online course for K-12 educators focusing on technology integration and 21st century skills. 

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Learning in Bursts: Microlearning with Social Media
    • Article
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    Microlearning refers to any pedagogy that encourages learning in short segments, whatever the platform. This article focuses on social media platforms for their ability to facilitate connected learning and peer interaction.

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