Clarence Maise


Clarence Maise Distance Education Coordinator Western Nevada College Education: AAS Phillips College - Electronic Engineering AAS Arkansas State - Computer Systems BS Southern Illinois University – Management MSEd Southern Illinois University – Training and Development My first 25 years of experience were in industry. I have worked for Bell Aerospace, Textron, Engineering Science, Kimberly Clark, United Technologies, and Raytheon. My jobs involved manufacturing and technology or the management of both. One consistency throughout has been my involvement in training and development. I have always enjoyed teaching and jumped at the opportunity to be part of any corporate training program. On the corporate side we had already begun to do a lot of training at a distance even in the early 1990’s. This played a large part in my decision to change my major at SIUC from engineering to training and development. This began a seven year period of intense course development work that continues today. I worked for the College of Education at SIUC supporting faculty in the development of a wide range of online master’s level courses. After my graduation from SIUC, I continued my online development work with faculty at Shawnee Community College in Ullin, Illinois and then at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio. Working with faculty and staff, I have been fortunate to be directly involved in the development of over 500 online courses and even more hybrids. I like classroom teaching and always model my designs with an eye toward a synergy between classroom and online teaching.