Clovis Khoury


Architect or techie.

Since childhood, I aspired to be an architect, observing, drafting and building small structures. That was my goal until I enrolled in a computer class in high school. BASIC, Apple 2e, Pascal and PCs. I had a new destiny.

While studying computer science at SUNY at Buffalo, I worked as a “computer man” at a small company: Xenix, awk, scripts, printers, monitors and modems.

My second job was at a manufacturing company in Richmond, VA. Software development, Informix 4GL, Bsh, uucp, AIX and APICS.

My third job is at the University of Richmond. System administrator, data center manager, director of enterprise computing.

Technology is essential to every aspect of education. Teaching and learning; administration and registration; research and publishing.

I am focused on technology that improves the educational experience at our university.

Clovis Khoury