Cole Clark


Cole Clark is the Executive Director, Higher Education Client Relations at Deloitte. He has over 25 years global experience in education technology and 6 years of focused higher education business application leadership at Oracle Corporation across the major functional areas of the academic enterprise, including student lifecycle, HR, and finance. Cole has been a trusted advisor in the higher education community and a leading voice around transformation, using modern technologies to enable significant transformation. In addition to the core business functions of the institution, Cole has experience in areas of the “front office” of higher education including research administration, student engagement, recruitment and retention, student success. Cole serves on the corporate advisory committee for Educause and on the board of trustees of Western Governors University.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Corporate Perspectives on the Top 10 IT Issues
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    Higher education is one of our economy’s most collaborative and open sectors. Many corporations have become effective partners by collaborating with colleges and universities to co-create solutions that optimize value for both sides.

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  • Corporate Membership Advisory Committee
    • ADVISORY, 2015 - 2015