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Colin Currie is the Executive Director of Administrative Information Services at Princeton University where he and his team have overall responsibility for the enterprise administrative computing portfolio supporting the students, faculty, and staff of the University. Prior to joining Princeton, Colin spent 15 years in the consulting industry where he advised domestic and international organizations across a variety of industries on strategic direction setting, technology decision making, and best practices in administrative services. Colin is a frequent contributor to EDUCAUSE. Currently, he chairs the EDUCAUSE Senior Leaders Roundtable. He chaired the 2012 Annual Conference Program Committee. He has also chaired the Enterprise Conference, been the AGEISS Committee chair, was an invited columnist for EQ Quarterly on the topic of Openness, written several articles for EDUCAUSE Review, and spoken at numerous EDUCAUSE conferences. Outside of EDUCAUSE, Colin is known for his ability to speak about technology and its implications to nontechnical audiences. As such, he has been a frequent and repeat speaker at the NACUBO, SCUP, CUPA, and AACRAO annual conferences where he presents on information technology related topics to functionally-focused audiences. In this capacity, he has spoken on topics including project governance, cloud computing, and mobile technology. In addition to his work at Princeton and professional organizations, Colin frequently works with other schools on strategic planning and technology initiatives, and on establishing project governance practices for their institutions.

EDUCAUSE Publications

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