Connie Wilson


Connie started her information technology career as a legal administrator testing Microsoft Windows and Office when it first came out. From that point on computers were an avenue she would find rewarding and challenging as she moved through her career. Starting more diligently in the computer field in a small Mom & Pop Shop along the Connecticut Shoreline; she learned to build computers and small networks. It was here she found she was more suited as a front line person and began providing customer support and training on wide and varied technologies. She moved through more Beta testing and call center opportunities and landed in the not-for-profit sector. There she completed her degree in Management of Information Systems and moved on to the management of a team providing customer support. It was during her tenure there that she completed her ITIL Expert Certification. After that the School of Management at Yale University expressed an interest in the particular skill set of ITIL, customer service and management that Connie brought to the table.

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