Connie Wisdo


Connie Wisdo is Director of Technology Development and Innovation for The University of Scranton. She is responsible for promoting the information technology (IT) capabilities of The University of Scranton (U of S) to both the internal and external community. Ms. Wisdo also directs activities that support information management projects on campus, as well as coordinates collaborative technology projects involving external entities (K-12 schools, other higher ed organizations, local government, economic development organizations, etc.) Ms. Wisdo has been with The University of Scranton for nearly 19 years. Before assuming her present position in 2005, she most recently served as the Director of the Royal Technology Group (which provided information systems support and software development to businesses and government). Prior to that, she held a variety of positions within the University's Electronic Commerce Resource Center (a government-funded technical support and training organization dedicated to helping small businesses comply with the DoD's effort to go paperless), including Deputy Director, Technical Support Director, and Project Engineer). From 1988-1991, she served as Information Systems Project Consultant for the University's Technology Center.