Corinne Le Dour


Seasoned IT professional with excellent organization and communication skills and a passion for education. 

What I believe in: 
- Technology should empower people not the other way around
- The providential man/woman concept is no longer valid, problems are too complicated and the world is moving too fast: it’s all about team work
- The best incentive for people is a meaningful job and a clear vision for the organization
- Useless complexity and processes kills companies 
- If you listen to people and treat them well they will cooperate
- True leadership is about honesty, listening, knowing your context and shaping up your vision so that people want to get onboard

What I am good at: 
- Asking the right questions
- Engaging people to work together
- Problem solving (being a compulsive fixer has its merits)
- Communicating so that people will relate
- Helping business units and IT teams understand each other
- Getting things done while maintaining a reasonable level of creativity and flexibility 

What I aspire to:
- A world where education is number one on every country's budget
- A job where I learn something new everyday (I have one)

- High profile and high risk IT projects 
- Multi disciplinary and cultural team management
- Vendor management and RFP
- Higher Education
- Organization strategy and information systems
- Portfolio management: scenario building and strategic analysis