Cory Retherford


Cory P. Retherford is an IT leader and a lifelong educator, with more than 17 years of experience providing information technology (IT) support and services in academic settings.

He is a professional Information Technology Architect and a Professional Scuba Staff Instructor for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors with 19 years of prescriptive teaching experience and coordinated and developed many classes. He has a vast experience with project management and been responsible for a number of enterprise services deliveries and highly visible complex services deployments. His career began as a support representative and has since been a Manager of Information Technology services at Indiana University and recently University Architect for Business Intelligence in Higher Education. Cory has presented hundreds of presentations at Microsoft and other vendor conferences such as HEUG and led training for many of those. Cory has participated in many committees and steering groups and many other special interest groups.

Cory now works for Spirion, LLC as a Solutions Engineer provide technical software and architectural expertise for customers adopting or expanding upon security projects around identifying sensitive data and classification.  His experienced using the software at Indiana University for 10 years provides Higher Education constituents valuable experience as a data steward and IT security practitioner.

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