Crystal Donlan


I recently transitioned into a new role as an instructional designer specializing in online learning and faculty development in higher education settings. Currently a doctoral student in lifelong learning and adult education, I have been an educator for over twenty years, the last ten of which have been at the community college level. I am also an autoimmune disease sufferer, which prompted my initial interest in distance education and led me to exploring the remote facilitation of learning. My primary research areas are the literacies – specifically information, digital, and media literacy – in higher education settings, and enhancing those literacies and other 21st century skills through self-paced, digitally scaffolded learning journeys. I continue to study how these experiences enhance student competencies, influence transactional distance, and enrich the learning landscape; I hope to continue exploring how literacy-based online initiatives may improve student outcomes in hybrid-delivery and distance learning modalities.