Cyndy Edmonds


Cyndy Edmonds, is a Multimedia Specialist at the Innovative Technology Center at the University of Tennessee where she plays a significant role in providing faculty with the help they need to enhance materials they use in their teaching. I have worked at the University collectively for 20 years as a student, and staff member. My progression began in broadcast television and helped me to grow into the ever changing world of faculty development. My core skills of video editing, shooting, audio and interactive cd production has been a wonderful treasure trove in my journey of helping faculty here at the University. Over the years I have had projects ranging everywhere from City Government Leadership Education, Law Enforcement Training, Student Orientation Information to Knife Skills for Cooking and Educating the Public about Agriculture. I take all this knowledge now to help the faculty improve the student experience. I love to write scripts, design websites, produce videos and manage huge projects (yes, that is a strange love). I do all this to improve the education here at the University of Tennessee.

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