Damian Doyle


Damian Doyle is the Deputy CIO and Senior Associate Vice President in UMBC's Division of Information Technology. He is responsible for UMBC's cyber infrastructure, including networking and systems infrastructure, cloud architecture, research computing, and classroom technology and computing support. He has served as one of the inaugural faculty on the EDUCAUSE Institute's Senior Director Program and online Management Program and he currently serves as the chair of the EDUCAUSE recognition committee. Damian serves on the board of UMBC's Center for Women in Technology (CWIT) where he works to ensure that all students experience an equitable and inclusive culture throughout their studies, including a robust internship pipeline between CWIT and DoIT. Damian formerly served on the EDUCAUSE IT Enterprise Advisory Board and as a co-chair of the EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Constituency Group. He is the chair of the Internet 2 Cloud Services Architecture Advisory Committee as well as a member of several Internet 2 Net+ program advisory boards. Damian holds a B.S. from UMBC in Computer Science and a M.S. from UMBC in Information Systems and was the EDUCAUSE 2018 Rising Star award recipient in addition to serving two terms as the president of UMBC's professional staff senate. 

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