Damien Eversmann


Selected as one of the Industry Leaders of the Year in 2022 by EdScoop, Damien has over 25 years of experience as an IT professional.  Having spent the bulk of his career working in or in support of the public sector, he is somewhat of an expert when it comes to IT in government and higher education.  Throughout his working life, Damien has served as a Developer, System Administrator, Development Manager, Enterprise Architect and Technology Director.  Living the life of an Academic and Research Administrator has also given Damien a vast knowledge of and a healthy respect for regulations and compliance.  He has worked on projects running the gamut from desktop-based widgets to major, multi-tiered applications, from small, embedded systems to many-faceted infrastructures.

As Chief Architect for Education at Red Hat, Damien serves the role of bridging the gap between the mission and the business of education and the technologies and solutions that support it all.  He has a penchant for teaching and demonstration and anything else that gets him in front of people to share the message of Continuous Learning, DevOps Culture, Innovation through Automation and IT Modernization.

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  • Top Ways Educational Institutions Dealt with 2020
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    This article discusses the ways that the pandemic has impacted higher education in 2020 and the best practices used by Red Hat customers to deal with the resulting challenges.

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