Damon Triffett


I am a Sales leader with years of strategic leadership in revenue growth, strategic selling and team development. Specializing in new business development and major market expansion.

I combine entrepreneurial drive with business management skills to drive gains in revenue, market share and profit performance in major global and Australian corporate brands.

I communicate a clear, strategic sales vision and effectively train, coach and mentor both veteran and junior sales team members whilst cultivating excellent relationships with new prospects and existing customers.

I turn around lagging group operations and prepare companies for fast growth and profitability. Damon is a specialist in learning transformation and learning innovation. He has extensive experience in leading E-Learning and Education technology opportunities that transform the student and teacher experience.

His current interests focus on the future of online video technology and how educational technology (software as a service) can evolve to meet the emerging needs of the education sector. He works globally across the education technology and disruptive technologies.