Dan Dagnall


Dan is responsible for corporate and product strategies plus all operational functions to ensure that Fischer's products, services, people, and processes are aligned with our mission of industry leadership and customer advocacy. Dan is a technology visionary and thought leader. At the age of 23, Dan was promoted to General Manager of multi-million dollar ISP for his ability to accurately predict industry directions and to plan new customer offerings in response. After joining Fischer as a consultant and successfully implementing enterprise-grade (2,000,0000 identities) and small-scale (< 500) Identity & Access Management (IAM) projects, Dan was promoted to Director of Presales Engineering where he began to educate the IAM community and shaped Fischer solutions to better address current and future customer requirements. Dan was then was promoted to Chief Technology Strategist and was responsible for aligning product strategy with industry directions and customer needs. Today, Dan is internationally recognized as a voice in the IAM community and is credited with helping to shape the current state of the industry and how IAM, specifically cloud based IAM, is delivered to the enterprise. Dan's foresight of the identity as a service (IDaaS) market dates back to 2008, when he began presenting the vision of what IDaaS has become today. His vision has kept Fischer at the head of the evolving IDaaS market space. You can find Dan presenting his unique vision at industry events, published articles and blogs. Personal Message: "My primary goal is to be the best father and husband I can be, followed closely by my desire to make contributions that have a positive effect on the Identity & Access Management industry, and to the security community at large. I thoroughly enjoy working within the IAM industry and making friends along the way. I wake every day excited to contribute to the industry."

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