Daniel Hickey


I am Professor and Program Coordinator with the Learning Sciences program at Indiana University in Bloomington, and a Research Scientist with the Indiana University Center for Research on Learning and Technology. I completed my Ph.D. in Psychology at Vanderbilt University and did my postdoctoral fellowship at that Center for Performance Assessment at Educational Testing Service. I study assessment, feedback, and motivation, mostly in online and networked learning contexts. I have directed projects in these areas funded by the National Science Foundation, NASA, Google, and the MacArthur Foundation. I teach graduate-level courses on assessment, learning, motivation, and research methods. I am particularly interested in digital badges and micro-credentials and am the co-leader of the EDUCAUSE Micro-Credentials Constituent Group and a member of the IMS Global Open Badges Working Group

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • A Framework for Interactivity in Competency-Based Courses
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    A proposed course framework, based on five educational design principles, helps instructors organize, motivate, and assess interactive online learning and prepares students to succeed in networked knowledge settings. The principles also offer the flexibility, self-pacing, and accountability associated with competency-based education.

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