Dan Powell


Dan is a service-focused executive passionate about leveraging technology to advance the mission of the University and positively impacting the student, faculty, and staff experience.  He is a proven digital transformation leader who has successfully delivered three University-wide CRM and engagement solutions at both private and public institutions.  He is an efficient steward of operational and financial resources; maximizing value and finding savings without compromising the constituent experience.  

Dan is the Director of Community Engagement Technologies with Information Technology Services for Florida State University.  He leads the teams and technologies that FSU uses to engage with the community including CRM, digital engagement, and service management; delivering applications that leverage a suite of technologies to create a seamless, personalized and meaningful experience for the FSU community.  Dan is a former Peace Corps volunteer and earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.  In his free time, he loves adventures with his family and everything water-related.  

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