Damian Promin


Daniel Promin was born 1978 in New Jersey, and graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in New York City. His early work is mostly paintings done in oil, with soft, delicate colors in harmony with the scene. The main motives back than were portraits, still-life, sea, birds, animals and everything connected to nature. After some time, he started experimenting with new techniques and styles, and pretty soon he changed his medium of choice as well. In his second phase, Daniel Promin was more focused on watercolor, and unlike his early days, he than painted mostly abstract, dark motives, with hidden messages and enough room for free interpretation. Influenced by other famous artist, he slowly transformed his use of color, composition, drawing, and perspective. After traveling to Japan he discovered a new interest, photography. Although that has always been something that has captured his attention, he had never tried his hand at it. By devoting more time to this at form, he was able to experience new things, and traveling allowed Daniel Promin to constantly discover new places, people, and cultures, which expanded his horizons and interests. Today he is successful on both fields, and is even considered as one of the best American artist. He has exhibited both his paintings and images all across the world.