David Bruce


As the deputy CIO and associate CIO for enterprise infrastructure systems at the University of Arkansas, Bruce oversees the network, the server environment, the data center and other key infrastructure components. Bruce is also responsible for initiating and managing many of the major technology improvements that make up a key component of the newly launched Achieve IT initiative. In this capacity, Bruce will lead teams of technology experts from across campus to rebuild the server environment for high availability, improve and simplify login processes, implement better faculty/student collaboration tools, and plan for future growth in research, scientific, and high-performance computing.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Team Culture: If You Don't Build It, Someone Else Will
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    A healthy team culture is a powerful tool and one of the most important attributes of a high-performing team. New managers must actively work both to identify and to instill team values—most importantly through example—to build a culture of excellence.

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