Dave Robinson


After graduating from the University of Cardiff, Wales, with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Neuroscience, Dave Robinson pursued a career in biomedical research, earning a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, England, and performing postdoctoral research at the University of Iowa and University of Pittsburgh. In 2009 he discovered a passion for the strategic and tactical application of technology to higher education. While at the University of Pittsburgh he transitioned to information technology roles as Associate Director and Technical Manager for Web Development at the Swanson School of Engineering, Director for Enterprise Strategic Planning and Architecture for Pitt’s central technology organization, and Director of Computing and Telecommunications for the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. It was in this position that he discovered liberal arts education. Robinson was also an adjunct professor of engineering and computer science at the University of Pittsburgh.

Robinson joined Grinnell College in 2015 as Chief Information Officer. Here, he leads Information Technology Services with a portfolio that includes technology, communication, and audio-visual infrastructure; enterprise systems and platforms; cybersecurity; technology support; and project management.

A proud signatory of the EDUCAUSE CIO’s commitment on diversity, equity, and inclusion, he is also a proud member of the WELD National Advisory Committee. He has served higher education technology nationally on the EDUCAUSE enterprise IT program advisory committee, and now on the Internet2 InCommon steering committee, REN-ISAC steering committee, and EDUCAUSE CIO program advisory committee. He is also committed to his local community and is president of the board of the Grinnell Heritage Center.

To relax, Robinson loves to engineer creative solutions and projects that combine his love of electronics, automation, home (and garden) improvement, building, and general making, especially when working towards improving the environmental sustainability of his house and garden. He is often aided (or at least politely tolerated) in these efforts by his daughters and wife.

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