David Lungren


David Lungren has been working in the online learning industry since 1996.  Starting at the Learning Sciences Corporation, the corporate offshoot from the Institute of the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, David learned from pioneers such as Dr. Roger Schank in the application of computer technology to learning. 

In his long and varied career, David has led teams that developed online learning resources for textbook publishers, online training for corporations, and online courses for higher education institutions.

For the past 17 years, David has focused exclusively on higher education where he has collaborated with more than 30 different institutions on the development of online courses and programs.  He has experimented with a variety of fully online and hybrid learning models, including competency-based education, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  David’s current focus is the evolution of online learning design to meet the unique needs of the higher education student in 2020.

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