David Neville


David Neville earned a PhD in German language and literature, with an emphasis in medieval German studies and Latin, in 2002 from Washington University in St. Louis. Having developed an interest in educational technology, he enrolled in computer science and programming courses at Weber State University, eventually transferring to Utah State University to earn a MS in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences. David is particularly interested in situated cognition theory and how goal-directed activity in 3D, VR, and AR environments can assist students in creating mental narratives that structure and guide the learning process.

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  • 7 Things You Should Know About AR/VR/MR
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    AR, VR, and MR offer new opportunities to create a psychological sense of immersive presence in an environment that feels real enough to be viewed, experienced, explored, and manipulated. These technologies have the potential to democratize learning by giving everyone access to immersive experiences that were once restricted to relatively few learners.

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