Dave Weil


David Weil is Ithaca College’s Chief Information Officer and member of the college’s senior leadership team. He leads a team of over fifty IT professionals and almost one hundred students in providing a full range of IT services to the campus community. 

David believes that leadership matters and works closely with EDUCAUSE and other IT leaders to help develop and teach in-person and on-line leadership programs, and contributes regularly to conversations about the role of IT in higher education. David also has been working with EDUCAUSE to help to develop and explore the concept of digital transformation (Dx) and how it can serve as a catalyst for advancing the mission of our institutions.

In 1989 David established Educational Technology Day at Ithaca College, a regional technology event that prior to the pandemic attracted over a thousand people annually and hopes to resume in 2023.

David is an accomplished presenter at national and regional conferences, institutes, webinars, and contributor to publications on topics related to leadership and IT in higher education. He has served on EDUCAUSE taskforces, panels and committees, including the Taskforce on Digital Transformation (Dx), the Expert Panel on IT/IR Collaboration, the Enterprise IT Working Group, the IT Issues Panel, the EDUCAUSE National Program Committee, and others. David was the Faculty Director for the inaugural EDUCAUSE Institute Senior Director Program, and helped to develop and facilitate the online version as well. 

David has a bachelor's degree in computer science, and a master's degree in communications (with emphasis on instructional technology). He is a graduate of the EDUCAUSE Frye Leadership Institute and the EDUCAUSE Leading Change Institutes.    

A complete list of David’s professional work can be found at https://www.ithaca.edu/staff/dweil/professional-activities

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • A Dx Roadmap for Leading the New Hybrid IT Workforce
    • Article

    The temporary shift to a remote IT workforce has evolved into permanent hybrid teams for many colleges and universities. Leaders can become more effective in this new normal by leveraging the EDUCAUSE Digital Transformation (Dx) framework as a roadmap to transform their leadership approach and make the most of this new way of working.

  • Advancing Your Career without Leaving Your Institution
    • Article

    Higher education IT professionals can successfully advance their careers without moving to another college or university. The author shares the lessons he learned during his thirty-three-year journey from IT student employee to CIO at the same higher education institution. These tips are helpful regardless of whether someone chooses to stay at one location or move around.

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