Dave Woods


David is a faculty member in the Computer and Information Technology department where he uses his extensive experience with technology and the academic environment to contribute to the success of students. Research interests include pedagogical practices for teaching IT, including online courses; incorporating strategy into the IT curriculum, and how the success or failure or technology projects is related to how well technology professionals understand the context in which technology is used. Previously Dave worked in Miami's central IT organization to interact with the university community to learn about technology needs related to teaching, learning, and research. Before that, Dave he led the Research Computing Support group at Miami University. The members of this group provide computing support to faculty and students in a wide variety of academic disciplines. The groups support offerings are constantly evolving, but include support of the university's High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster; development of desktop and HPC software applications; support for a number of research applications including Matlab, Mathematica, SAS, and SPSS; and support for web applications for research projects.

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