Dayna Offutt


As a Visual Communications college instructor, I utilize my expertise in the digital media arena to educate future professionals in the industry. Educating learners provides me with the opportunity to consistently share my knowledge in a leadership role on a higher learning platform, instructing learners from baby-boomers to millennials. A vital part of the educational process includes creating a hybrid learning platform for students through instructional design. Since 2012, I have used Blackboard and Canvas to load and edit course content.

Throughout my career, I have worked with Adobe applications producing an array of projects for customers. I also provide digital media/marketing solutions for businesses, using my educational, corporate and entrepreneurial background to offer training workshops focusing on technological fundamentals. My client base is a triad of educational, healthcare and publishing organizations. Past and current experiences include managing various print and online design projects from conception to execution, independently and collaboratively. Previous responsibilities include producing technical training content and performing quality assurance testing for print and multimedia.