Dean Dang


Dean Dang is the Director of Enterprise Applications and Services. Before being appointed to the Director position, Dean served as the Assistant Director. Dean is a proud veteran and previously held a role as a Special Operations Team Alpha member attached to the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, spending almost two years deployed overseas. Joining UIC in 2004, he quickly became known as a leader who could span a breadth of technologies and businesses to transform UIC’s most innovative IT offerings.

Most recently, Dean helped lead the transformation to the virtual infrastructure and services business, which outperformed the legacy infrastructure and provided immense value to the University and its IT units. Utilizing the cloud computing service he helped create at UIC, the team solved multiple critical solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic.  They delivered a new Virtual Computing Lab service to help students continue their studies remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, utilized cloud-based device management to deliver devices to students at their homes, and utilized the cloud data services to help aggregate and store multiple data streams to track COVID-19 test results.

Dean serves as a committee member for UIC's IT governance committee and in his spare time is a volunteer at the USO. Dean is the proud recipient of UIC’s 2020 Award of Merit.

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