Deb Allmayer


In her role as HR Officer, Debby helped steer the 1997 consolidation of the IU-Bloomington and IUPU-Indianapolis IT organizations that now form University Information Technology Services. She also assists IT units in other departments and on other campuses in restructuring activities and currently co-chairs the IT Broadbanding Task Force. Prior to joining the IT organization, she held positions in benefits, employment and classification/compensation in the campus Human Resources office.

Debby has worked in Indiana and on the national level on the development and implementation of creative strategies for recruitment, retention, and retraining of IT staff. She participates in the HR Peer Group of the Indiana Information Technology Association and has presented at INITA, Educause and CUMREC conferences. Debby also serves on the University's Commission on Health Care, Recreational Sports Committee, and the boards of several county social services organizations.

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