Debbie Carraway


I work as the Director of IT in the College of Sciences at NC State University. I love working in higher ed, where doing what we do supports an incredible diversity of brilliant minds that have the opportunity to do their best work to make the world better, healthier, kinder, and more just. I care about supporting people as they move forward along their own paths, professional and personal. At this point in my career, my greatest interest is in helping to lay the foundation for the success of the next generation of IT leaders, whether they pursue hierarchical, people-managing leadership roles or to lead within a technical community, a team, or the world.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • The CREATIVE Leaders We Need: A Perspective from Women in IT
    • Article
    • Author

    To successfully navigate today's ever-changing environment while attracting and retaining the best employees, higher education leaders must be curious, resilient, empathetic, authentic, thoughtful, inclusive, vulnerable, and emotionally intelligent.

  • What Inspires You?
    • Multimedia
    • Author

    Inspiration, motivation, and admiration are all qualities that either help us get to the next step in our career or our personal lives or simply help us get the morning started.

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